Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baseball, Softball, Riding & Swimming

Click photo to see larger view of Isabelle and Frederik (no she is not riding the Great Dane)

Even though it is only spring, it feels like we are in the full swing of summer. Above you see Isabelle getting ready to go to her horseback riding lesson. Frederik the Gread Dane is standing with her and is not part of the riding program. Isabelle is also in softball for the first time. Annelise is doing Hudson Explorer Aquatic Team (HEAT) swimming program and it is quite serious and she has become a good swimmer like her grandmother. Connor is finishing up soccer and big time into AAA little leage baseball playing for the Yankees. I never thought I would be wearing a Yankees cap around town as I am an assistant coach. Heidi is riding like crazy in preparation for the Pan Mass Challenge on August 2,3. Her milage is up to about 30 miles per ride now and growing. I am trying to get through my allergies and the accompanying asthma...I'll be fine. All in all we are doing well.

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