Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Coburn’s 2010

Good News Bad News 15th Edition

Good News: You are getting this before Christmas.
Bad News: We have switched to electronic due to cost cutting measures.
Good News: Michael reconnected with a childhood friend Fritz Wieters and took Connor to visit Fritz and his boys in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for three days of skiing in January.
Bad News: Connor now thinks this is an annual rite and Michael wrecked his back on the last day of skiing when 18 inches of powder had fallen.
Good News: We all went down to Florida to see Jack and Linda for spring break. On the way we stopped in Atlanta for a night and visited the Coke museum.
Bad News: Atlanta hotel was hosting the “Furry Weekend” (google it) and Connor tried all 64 varieties of Coke including Beverly and proceeded to throw up.
Good News: All 3 kids participated in the summer swim team at Hudson Park Estates.
Bad News: Practice was every day at 7:45 a.m. for the first 6 weeks of summer and it was not a voluntary activity.
Good News: Heidi went out to Big Sur with some friends and did a fitness walk along highway 1.
Bad News: The wine and In n’ Out burgers destroyed most of the fitness gained.
Good News: Annelise seems to be a very popular girl in middle school.
Bad News: Dad is not ready for boyfriends and “going out” but then realizes he did the same.
Good News: Isabelle is now riding horses year round and has competed in two horse shows.
Bad News: Temptation to buy a horse could lead to financial ruin.
Good News: Connor loves winter and got his hair cut to a reasonable length.
Bad News: He is getting all grown up and is now taller than Heidi.
Good News: We did our third Pan Massachusetts Challenge and raised $9,000 for Carcinoid Cancer research at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Great weather and a great ride. We took the party ferry 3 hours back from P-Town to Boston and had a blast.
Bad News: Heidi had bronchitis and knee pain that kept her out of the ride but not off the party ferry.
Good News: Heidi went to Paris with some girlfriends and really enjoyed the time away, culture and the finer things that Paris, France has to offer.
Bad News: Culture and museums got old after a few days and lost out to cafes and local vintages.
Good News: We spent Thanksgiving in Chicago and had fun with the family and the extended Murphy family. The boys drove 40 mph indoor go-karts.
Bad News: Michael’s little brother, Kevin, beat him in the friendly competition for fastest driver inspite of the fact that Kevin’s son was ejected from his kart during a high speed crash with the barriers (he was OK, Kev).
Good News: Heidi got her Christmas present yesterday. CT scan, unchanged from a year ago!


Heidi, Michael, Connor, Annelise & Isabelle Coburn
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Monday, December 6, 2010

First Snow

While I don't have pictures, you have to trust me when I say we sit in a winterwonderland right now. Instead of a run this morning, I got out my Cross Country skis and went right down the street and sidewalks of the town for a total of a 3.7 mile tour. It was a lot of work but also great to be out in the 19 degree weather and be perfectly warm. If had waited until later, there would be too much salt and asphalt patches to navigate. It continues to dump snow here with lake effect kicking in. It won't be long til our local ski hill opens up and the kids will be stoked for that.

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