Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kid update

 Annelise finished out her Freshman year of field hockey and had a nice season with some good contributions to the team and the fun of being part of a high school level team.  We went to the banquet and it sounds like this team has a bright future ahead of them.   Annelise and her coaches are pictured below as well as her defending on our new turf field stadium.  Her other strong interests are music where One Direction is a big hit for her and her sister.  

Isabelle also played field hockey this fall and it seems her year round love is equestrian.  She is riding for Park Place Equestrian Interscholastic Equestrian Association team as well as continuing with Chagrin Valley Farms.  In IEA they blind draw horses they have never been on and then ride against riders in their class to be judged.  She is quite good at it and great with the horses.  It makes the sport more affordable as you don't have to own a prize horse to win in competition.

Heidi and our friends Dave and Cordula Faiman at the Alumni meet held Friday of Thanksgiving weekend each year.  HS swim meets take about two hours and you know most of the kids so it is actually quite fun to be there.
Connor is a sophomore now in high school and swimming 18 hours a week and on varsity.  He is lifting and conditioning and working hard on school work to make it all happen.  Amazing what kind of fitness levels you can achieve with that much effort.  We have seen big time drops in his second year swimming at this level.  He does a 50 meter swim in about half the time it takes his dad.  He also has his drivers permit and has mastered stick shift driving on his Subaru Forester.

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