Monday, October 18, 2010

Soccer, Field Hockey and Horses

It seems our kids our keeping us so busy with their sports and we love it. Isabelle is riding often and really enjoys it. We even help take care of the horses when our friends are traveling. Believe it or not, that can even be fun. Connor is playing Soccer and is at the end of the middle school season. His team was very successful and came in second in the end of year tournament. Annelise made the field hockey team after never having played the sport and has scored two goals this season. Heidi and I just run from one thing to the next when I am not traveling for work. Fall colors have us thinking about skiing and snowboarding which we be here before we know it. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of Heidi becoming a cancer survivor. It passed without much fanfare as it should be.

Michael & Heidi's Info

What is going on in our lives and occassional updates on Heidi's fight with Carcinoid Cancer.