Saturday, August 21, 2010

PMC Success

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We are so thankful that we had a successful 2010 Pan Massachusetts Challenge (PMC) bike ride this past weekend. Our sponsors, made it possible for us to join 5,100 cyclists pedaling over 761,685 miles as well as 3,100 Volunteers: 150 massage; 120 medical; 100 bike mechanics; 300 logistics; 100 communications; 100 trucking; 150 parking & traffic; 200 trash & recycling; 300 registration & information; 300 luggage; 1,200 food & beverage prep and service. Together we have raised more than $9,000 towards the $31 million that will be raised this year at the PMC. 100% of that money raised goes directly towards cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. Specifically, the $9,000 will go along with the $300,000 raised by team Caring For Carcinoid Foundation and directly support research on neuroendocrine tumors which is what Heidi is fighting. Our weekend was spectacular and will forever live in our memory as well as inspire us to return to the PMC next year for the 4th time. While Heidi was unable to ride due to an extended bronchitis and sinus infection (thankfully unrelated to her cancer) this summer and then a nagging knee pain once training began, she is even more committed than ever to ride next year. Training started yesterday with a 10 mile ride with my Mom and kids in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Heidi has visions of two of our children riding with her on a 47 mile loop of Wellesley. I did the two day 163 mile ride from Wellesley to P-Town and then both Heidi and I took the Ferry with 1,200 other PMC’ers back to Boston harbor, celebrating the whole way on the top deck with the live band. On Sunday,I was able to ride with PMC founder, Billy Starr, and his pack of very fast riders which included Magnus Backstedt. Magnus is a melanoma survivor, has a sister fighting breast cancer and is a former winner of a stage of both the Tour de France and Giro d’italia along with winning the very prestigious Paris-Roubaix one day classic in 2004. Needless to say, our pace on Sunday was 21.4 mph for the 80 miles traveled. Heidi did find a great way to contribute by moving complete strangers cars from Wellesley to Bourne and then another from Bourne to P-Town so their logistics could work for the weekend. She even transported an injured rider, his bike and bags to P-Town when he could not continue after crashing on Saturday. Heidi is feeling well and this PMC weekend really is satisfying in our push for a cure for cancer. Thank you so much for the donations and encouragement you provide us. All our best, Heidi and Michael Coburn

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