Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stay-Cation for Spring Break

We stayed home in Hudson for Spring Break. Since we have 3 vacations planned for this summer, we have to conserve. Heidi made a really nice bunch of outings for the kids and I joined them on Wed and Friday for various adventures. They saw the M.C. Escher exhibit in Akron, the Crawford Auto Museum, Great Lakes Science Center and even went to the FarmPark only to find it closed on Mondays. The weather was in the 30s or colder the whole week which was the main downside. We ate at Melt and had amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. We also took in the Westside Market on Friday morning with the Piels.
Westside Market Great Lakes Science Center Static exhibit. Japanese soda at Westside market
Fruit stalls, Westside Market
Annelise, Isabelle and Connor

(I don't think Isabell is taller than Annelise but this picture sure shows it that way.)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gallbladder removal...check

Coburn Family: Michael, Annelise, Heidi, Connor & Isabelle (click on photo to enlarge)

Heidi successfully had her gallbladder removed on Friday to address a side effect of the LAR Sandostatin injections she has been receiving for over a year to battle the multitude of Carcinoid Cancer tumors in her liver. She developed gall-stones as a common side effect and Friday she had her Gallbladder removed laparoscopically by a highly competent Vice Chairman of Digestive Disease at the Cleveland Clinic. We battled a pretty nasty late winter snow storm to arrive for the long "outpatient" surgery at the Clinic. All went well and we were home by 7 p.m. with friends taking on the kids for the afternoon and some sleep overs. Thanks guys.

Heidi is resting and recovering well. She ranked this surgery between the hemi colectomey and the surgical hernia repair as far as pain and recovery. A steady stream of Oxycodone with Aceteminophin is helping move her through the weekend.

This has meant a 3 month break from Sando injections but they are likely to resume in the next 6 weeks. We have seen stabilization and even some shrinkage from the steady Sando treatments.

Heidi is positive and very tough when it comes to facing her cancer. It makes it that much more manageable for the rest of the family. Go girl!
Photo is from our trip a few weeks ago skiing at Peek n Peak, NY.

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